Injection Filtering System to Protect Your Diesel HEUI Pump Injection

How we began protecting from HEUI Pump Failure

Starting Our Venture

Starting in early 2018 we began investigating the root cause issues and associated costs related to when a HEUI pump fails. Many Class A diesel pusher owners reported repair costs in excess of $8,000.00. These costs were directly related to the debris from the failing HEUI pump entering the fuel injection common oil rail and then the injectors. The labor costs to clean the debris out of the head and the additional cost of injector replacement was the major portion of the 8K cost.

I began analyzing the system from start to finish. Additional filtering of the engine oil before the pump would not be of benefit to post HEUI pump components, injectors and oil pollution.  That being said, the only means to protect post HEUI components was to design a high pressure filtering system to protect the injectors and costly head clean out.

Beginning in late 2018 we secured the design and reliable vendors to provide us with the components to begin rigorous testing on our own coach (the beautiful one on the home page). We plugged in many pressure transducers, recorded data and made logical adjustments based on pure data and hydraulic theory.

Early 2019 proved to be successful after many late nights of testing and much coffee. We were closing in on a release date of mid-March. We invested greater then $15,000.00 in the testing alone and hoped the market was ready for this product.

WOW, we have experienced an incredible response to this product. And We Thank You!