Injection Filtering System to Protect Your Diesel HEUI Pump Injection



 Dear George

  I am so thankful that you took the time and effort to develop this filter kit.  My name is Mike Hauer and I am the owner of Concrete Quick LLC of Coventry RI.   My company uses mobile mixer concrete trucks to deliver small quantities of concrete to customers that need less than the concrete plant minimums.   In my fleet is a 2007 Peterbilt 335 with a CAT C7 engine.   So far, this engine has been good but given that it possesses a HEUI injection system, it is only a matter of time until a serious engine failure will happen.  After previously suffering with a HEUI equipped Ford Powerstroke, I knew what I was in for with this CAT motor.  Such a breakdown is catastrophic to me as it would come with serious service interruptions as well as great expense.   This truck has about 8000 hrs and 140,000 miles on the clock.  My initial plan was to wait until the pump failed and then simply replace the entire engine.  If one thinks about it, a shop will hit me for a pump and  6 injectors, add labor and the hand me a bill for about $9000.00 +/-.   Gambling that they actually did everything correct, used quality parts, and properly cleaned out all of the metal from the system, this engine may or may not last and i’ll have a 12 year old engine that is doomed to fail again!  It doesn’t take long to find several people who had their engines repaired twice due to poor workmanship and ended up spending more than the cost of a new engine plus double the downtime.  Might as well spend the $15,000 and just get a new motor because it would be cheaper in the long run.  This was the plan until one morning I found George and his Injection Filter Kit.   What a good idea….if it actually works.    I called George and we talked for quite a long time about it and I was very satisfied that this kit was of quality and engineered to work on my engine without the usual side effects that come with most aftermarket parts. I sent him my money and quickly received my kit.  Easy to install and of impressive quality.   The truck has been running without issue for over a month with the kit and I have a renewed confidence in this truck that it will not cost me a fortune in time or money when it fails.   One must remember that this kit won’t prevent a failure, but it will be a huge safety net for your wallet when it happens. Instead of a $9000.00 mininum expense, i will only need a HEUI pump and a couple minor filter kit parts to get up and running. Also, I don’t need to get a new CAT HEUI pump (don’t risk a rebuilt without this kit). I can use any rebuilt $1400.00 HEUI pump, because it can’t hurt my engine any more.
Whether you are in business with a truck that you need to make a living, or you are enjoying your retirement in a RV, why risk it?   We spend stupid amounts of money for insurance to cover every aspect of our life, so spending 8% of the money I spend yearly to insure this truck to insure the I won’t fall victim to this HEUI system only made sense! 

 Thanks again George for the great kit and awesome support.

Mike Hauer

Concrete Quick LLC
308 Hopkins Hill Rd.
Coventry, RI. 02816


RV owners Enjoying peace of mind

Pleased RV Owner

 I have so many "thanks” to give with respect to the help I’ve received and what I’ve learned from this forum from this group. 

One in particular that deserves accolades is George Flanik. 

After a rather in depth thread concerning HEUI catastrophic failures, I read up on, watched YouTube videos, and contacted George.  What a great source of intel!  

I had the IFS kit installed on my 92,000+ 2007 C7.  I did not install it myself but with the instructions and a well designed installation bracket/connections it took less than 2 hours by a mechanic with no prior IFS experience.  
George was “there” thru every step of the process. He even gave his cell # to the service manager in charge of my IFS install.  

Thank you George and to all the contributors to the list serve. In November I will begin my 14th year of D ownership and 14th year of DOAI membership... it’s been a great ride. 

Gary Kerner